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Counselling can offer continuity and the opportunity to build a rapport with a trusted therapist; however, you might be feeling that you need to speak to someone more urgently.  Samaritans are a charitable organisation who are there to listen, 24 hours a day, by phone, text and email.


Person-centred theory

Carl Rogers , who pioneered this approach to psychotherapy, offers valuable insight into how we can help people to change, by accepting them just as they are.


Other Useful Insights

Irvin Yalom is an author and psychiatrist; who, like Rogers, describes the positive impact of bringing his own humble, authentic presence into the therapy room.  Conversely, Yalom also confronts difficult questions and actively encourages clients to create meaning and find purpose in their lives.

Virginia Satir was a family therapist and social worker, renowned as the ‘Mother of family therapy’.  Here she acknowledges life’s uncertainties and promotes self -awareness and acceptance, as our best coping tool.

Eckhart Tolle introduces an enlightening perspective, to help us see beyond our busy thoughts, so that we can learn to worry less, and embrace what is happening in the present moment