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Human Nature

Welcome to my views on human nature.  This section, explores the way we interact with others and the environment around us.  Many items I discuss are based on my own experiences, however they are also inspired by others, who I am fortunate to read about or come into contact with.

Human nature, as a multi-faceted subject, explains why there are so many variations, in the way each of us perceives the world.  Everything we do, is influenced by our personal experiences and those we come into contact with, as well as our own unique personality, or predisposition.

How do we define human nature?

In a nutshell, human nature is the way we think, act and feel.  Whilst we are all unique, there are also common patterns of behaviour which can be observed.  The vast majority of human beings have a default response to conflict.  We may be quiet or loud and we may be ‘people pleasers’ or ‘people pushers’.  I prefer to refrain from telling people how they should live their lives.  That said, I hold a robust belief about how we can all live more peacefully.  Choosing to accept each other’s differences, by understanding where they come from, is in my view, all that is needed.  That choice is ours.

A note from the author

These blogs, never intend to cause offence, nor do they target specific groups or individuals.  Reactions which arise within readers of these blogs, can provide a useful opportunity, for personal reflection and enhanced self-awareness.

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An insight to Human Nature

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